A Wholistic Platform

New AI editor, knowledge base, agents, and a fresh UI.

Leo Paz
Leo Paz

This Changelog is filled with trailblazing features we've developed to get Outlit even closer to delivering the most wholistic sales contract platform.

After speaking to early customers, we've implemented product changes that directly improved sales contract review, enable better access to contract insights, and most importantly, close more deals faster.

AI Editor

Our block based editor will feel familiar to the tools you love. Every contract you upload will now be converted to our block format so you can edit, draft, and confirm revisions with one click.

Outlit AI Editor

Knowledge Base

We've made it super easy for you to search your entire corpus of contracts. Semantically search your contracts for a specific clause or ask for all your sales contracts from this month.

Outlit Knowledge Base

AI Agents

We've introduced agents that take on the multiple roles a traditional lawyer would. These agents are fine tuned to their role and allow you the flexibility to chose what lens you want to look at your contract through.

Outlit AI Agents

A Fresh Look

The changes made, have now given Outlit a much more cohesive experience that has already resonated with early users. We've happy to have delivered a new premium feel from our new dashboard to even our command window for quick navigation.

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